Outstanding X9 Results

posted on Tuesday, October 20, 2020 in News/Blog

In Cab ViewSchrock Farms, south of Elm Creek, NE, put the claim that the John Deere X9 could harvest corn at up to 7,200bu/hr to the test. Tom got in the X9-1000 with a C16R corn head for the first time at 9am and never looked back! See the combine in action.

  • John Deere C16R corn head equipped with opposed knife stalk rolls
  • Average Corn Moisture: 17.12%
  • Average dry yield = 277.76 bu/acre
  • Click Here to View the Yield Map

Technology and Equipment Utilized: 

  • Combine Advisor - Auto Maintain
  • AutoTrac RowSense
  • Machine Sync with an 8RX 410 tractor and Unverferth Brent Grain Cart
  • Operation Center
  • Gen 4 4600 Displays

Data Breakdown: 

  • Dry Bushels across the scale = 67,639 buyield loss calculator
  • Average Bu/Hr = 7,249 – Peak >9,000 bu/hr
  • Harvest Hours = 9 hours 20 minutes
  • Acres Harvested = 243.52 acres
  • Acres/Hour = 26.10
  • Average Speed = 5.74mph

Fuel and DEF Usage: 

  • Fuel Usage = 231.8 gallons
  • Fuel - Gallons/Acre = .95 gallons/acre
  • Fuel - Bushels/Gallon = 277.76
  • Fuel - Gallons/Hour = 24.84 DEF
  • Gallons/Acre = .05 gal/ac DEF
  • Gallons/Hour = 1.35 gal/hr

Hourly Breakdown:

Hourly X9 stats

Click here to watch the RDA video as we make our passes through the field.corn on the semi truck

With the Industries largest cleaning system having 75 sq ft of louvered area, the John Deere  X9-1000 was able to provide low losses, low tailings, and high grain quality with a total of <0.5%. We maintained 1 bu/ac or less loss across the machine determined by a Bushel Plus pan drop test while harvesting and checks with the John Deere GoHarvest app loss calculator in a 30”x30” area.

Machine losses based on 280 bu/acre:

  • Combine: <.1% determined by Bushel Plus pan drop while harvesting
  • Head: <.33% determined by ground checks with the JohnDeere GoHarvest app loss calculator in a 30”x30” area
  • Total: <.5%. We maintained 1 bu/ac or less loss.

67,639 bushels in the bin