With JDLink™, you can boost profits and increase uptime with machine information accessible from your office or other mobile device through Operations Center. Locate machines on the go with the JDLink™ app for iOS or Android devices. No need to start up your desktop, launching the app only takes a few seconds. 

JDLink connect subscription unlocks the seamless transfer of data from your GS3 2630 or Generation 4 display to My Operation Center. This gives you the ability to get home from the field and be able to look at the agronomic data from the day’s work without having to bring the data home on a USB. JDLink also gives you the ability to share the coverage from one machine to another as long as both machines are equipped with the right displays and activations installed. This can increase productivity and logistics with two machines in the same field while still getting the correct placement with section control working on both machines.

In the past, JDLink™ services were broken into two levels: Access and Connect. While both levels offered machine diagnostic communication, Remote Display Access, and Expert Alerts, only the upper Connect level allowed growers to wirelessly send agronomic data to their Operations Center account. Now, the new JDLink™ Connectivity platform combines all the features of the previous levels into one, with no annual subscription and no cost.

To learn more about how JDLink™ and how it fits in your operation, please contact your nearest LandMark location to speak with your local CTS.

Watch the video below for a step-by-step on how to update and accept your terms and conditions.

John Deere Connected Support

When you buy John Deere equipment you expect reliability. You should, because Nothing Runs like a Deere.

You also know that when you’re in the field the unexpected can happen. When it does, you need a quick resolution.

That’s why John Deere equipment comes prepared from the factory with technology built in. It senses potential issues and can alert you promptly—in the cab or anywhere you are.

Better yet, your dealer can receive alerts and connect to your equipment. You know your dealer is always ready to keep you farming—and farming better.

When you connect your machine

You Can

  • Monitor alerts from the machine remotely
  • View the in-cab display from wherever you are
  • Monitor machine location, its prior path and coverage
  • Monitor fuel level and idle time

Your Dealer Can

  • Monitor alerts coming from your machine
  • Diagnose problems remotely to get you back running faster
  • View the in-cab display to help you setup your machine
  • Perform software updates from the dealership