My John Deere


My John Deere is the platform where all of your farm data is being sent to a single, user friendly website with only one user name and password to remember! This website contains all the links that you commonly access for your farm. Everything from your financial information with John Deere Financial, JD Link, Field Connect, Stellar Support and the Operations Center. Please login at today! 


The Operation Center within will house much of the information you want to access day-to-day. You may want to remotely monitor your machine location history to quickly access productivity, fuel levels, location or a variety of oth­er options. 

This will also house agronomic tools that will allow you to analyze and compare yield data or as­applied data much like you would within APEX or similar types of software. And since this is a web­site your data isn't tied to one computer. You can access it from anywhere on any type of device that has the capability to access the web. 

Remote support capability is also available within the Operation Center. You can view an Operator's 2630 screen with the click of a button to provide assistance quickly and easily!  Please contact your Customer Technology Specialist or your Salesmen to learn more about how to better utilize your technology.

  • MOBILE DATA TRANSFER {MDT) - Introducing Mobile Data Transfer from John Deere. MDT allows customers to wirelessly transfer data to and from non-John Deere displays as well as John Deere's GS3 2630 displays that are not equipped with JDLink. Mobile Data Transfer is a USB to WiFi device that plugs into the display and transfers data through a smartphone directly to the Operations Center via the My John Deere web site ( using the "My Transfer App". This app and many other useful Apps are available through the JD App Center. This allows  customers to consolidate data from multiple branded displays into to one useful central location. Data can then be shared with advisors, farm managers, custom­ers, or vendors from one location. MDT is currently compatible with Ag Leader lntegra and Versa platforms with Trimble FMX and Raven Viper platform compati­bility coming soon. Contact any of your Local Land Mark CTS Specialists for more information or a demonstration on how MDT can work for you.
  • APEX BACKUP - As John Deere continues to enhance the MyJohnDeere Operations Center it is increasingly important to backup Apex data to your MyJohnDeere Account. There are two ways to accomplish this task. The first is to perform the backup yourself from your Apex farm management software. You have the ability to do this within the Backup/Restore menu in Apex. However, if you feel more comfortable with some assistance your local Customer Technology Specialist will be happy to assist with the process. Contact your local CTS with questions or to schedule an Apex backup. After performing the backup the MyJohnDeere Operations Center benefits can be wholly experienced. These include the ability to monitor machines equipped with JD Link, view field data and pre­scriptions, and the ability to remotely send jobs to operators in the field. This can all be accomplished from your mobile device (Apple or Android) or your home computer, streamlining your operation which saves you both time and money.

JD/Operations Center Training

 Would you like to have detailed MyJohnDeere, or Operations Center training to become more familiar with everything the  programs are capable of doing? We now offer small group training sessions regionally based on demand. Please email for more information.