John Deere RTK provides highly accurate, repeatable corrections to John Deere's suite of Precision Ag applications. RTK utilizes a local, ground-based reference station that transmits the high-accuracy corrections to a StarFire receiver on a vehicle via RTK radios. 

Accuracy depends on the distance between the base station and the vehicle. At 20 kilometers (12 miles) from a base station, a vehicle has an approximate accuracy ofRTK2 2.5 cm (1 in.) 68 percent of the time, but the closer the vehicle is to the base station, the more accurate the signal is.

RTK accuracy provides many benefits to the user in addition to highly accurate corrections. Vehicles utilizing this type of signal correction offer an approximate accuracy of 2.5-cm (1-in.) 20 km (12 miles) from the base station 68 percent of the time.

Other benefits include:

  1. Reduced overlap: A producer running RTK can operate at 2.5-cm (1-in.) pass-to-pass accuracy. The less overlap, the fewer inputs are used, which helps drive down overall costs.
  2. No satellite drift: Any satellite-based guidance system can suffer from inherent satellite drift. With RTK, satellite drift is eliminated because the stationary, local base station provides the corrections.
  3. Additional functionality: RTK also enables you to use the latest John Deere products. New products like iGuide and iSteer require RTK corrections to provide the precise accuracy producers need.


The following are all requirements to become a LandMark Implement RTK Customer:

LandMark’s Secured Base Station Network allows customers access to repeatable / sub-inch GPS accuracy. To gain access to our network a customer would need the following:

 Customer Requirements:

  • Pay a subscription fee for using the RTK network
    • 1-2 receivers are $1,000 each
    • 3+ receivers are $500 each
  • Provide the SN of customer’s receiver and the base stations the customer expects to utilize
  • The customer can expect the best accuracy within 12 miles of the base station. John Deere’s testing has found that 67% of the time within 12 miles you will achieve sub inch accuracy. We have experienced customers operating RTK at 20+ miles from the base station with minimal notice of change in accuracy.

 AMS Component Requirements:

  • GreenStar Display
    • Original GreenStar Display with Mobile Processor will require a Key Card with SF2 AutoTrac Activation
    • GS2 1800 / 2600 or GS3 2630 will require a SF2 AutoTrac Activation
  • StarFire Receiver
    • Gen II StarFire – Will require an RTK Activation
    • StarFire iTC – Will require SF2 Ready and RTK Activations
    • StarFire 3000 – Will require SF2 Ready and RTK Activations
  • StarFire RTK Radio
    • 450 MHz Radio – can be used only with the deluxe shroud on the receiver and will not work with Original GreenStar Displays and Gen II Receivers. Works extremely well in areas where terrain and vegetation causes issues with dependability of signal reception. LandMark is migrating our network to 450s due to the improved reliability of the signal from the 450 radio.
    • LandMark also recommends to use the magnet mount hi-gain antennas for improved reception.
  • Machine Requirements
    • RTK can be used for manual guidance or documentation, but this level of accuracy is recommended for AutoTrac Vehicles
    • Integrated AutoTrac Vehicles are recommended
    • AutoTrac Universal (ATU or ATU 200) can operate RTK but may find it more difficult to achieve sub inch accuracy

Vehicle Kit Requirements:

  • The purpose of the RTK vehicle kit is to interpret the correction signal coming from the base station. To build an RTK vehicle kit, a John Deere RTK Radio 450 and RTK activation must be added to complete the system.
  • The following hardware is also needed to complete a vehicle kit:
  • StarFire 3000 Receiver (SF2 ready)
    • Deluxe shroud
  • John Deere RTK Radio 450
  • GreenStar 2 or 3 display