Precision Ag

Precision Ag

Precision Agriculture Enabled

Precision Ag and the ability to monitor or control machines from a smart phone or tablet continues to grow every day. LandMark Implement has found that everyone has a different comfort level with these products and has worked to provide the right level of service and support to each individual, while offering products that fill those needs and allow everyone to continue to grow as their comfort levels increase, with the intent of making you more efficient and profitable. 

Our team of Technology Specialists has developed a comprehensive list of service packages that can be pre-purchased to allow us the ability to be proactive in making sure we have the capability to support those that need the support, plus allowing you to know what the cost will be to get the support to control your ex­penses. 

LandMark has also found that data is becoming an increasingly important part of the equation which makes your farm profitable and if used properly will help you make decisions on where to place inputs in order to achieve the greatest returns. We want to be part of the solution to help you do this. We can tailor the solu­tion to fit your needs and work with someone who is already your trusted advisor. We can help ensure the data which goes to your advisor is "good" data or use our expertise to help make the decisions and build the prescriptions for the inputs. John Deere has released which will help you tie all of this data together in one place which you can access from anywhere and enables you to share with your trusted advi­sors easily! 

Please contact one of our Technology Specialists to learn more about how LandMark can assist you in taking the next step into Precision Farming or becoming more comfortable with the equipment you already own. 

LandMark Customer Clinics

CONTINUING TO TRY TO MAKE CLINICS MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS! Over the last couple of years, we have tried to change our clinic format to meet your needs as a customer and provide what you expect. We brought the Fall Harvest Clinics back closer to the locations rather than a centralized clinic. We felt that this greatly increased attendance and worked well for us at a time of year that our shops are generally slower and Mother Nature typically allows us to do events outside. With our typical shop load in the spring and the uncertainty of what Mother Nature might bring, it is difficult to do the Spring Clinics in the same fashion.

We recently revamped our entire Sprayer and Planter clinic methodology by shortening class times to allow more specific, focused sessions and opened it up so you can create your own schedule. You pick the rotations you want to attend and learn about, come and go as you please. We combined what would have been four clinics into just two! Now you can learn about the product and also receive training on the AMS / Data / Technology at the same time. Plus, we are inviting in folks from other parts of the Ag Industry so you can learn from them as well. 

We intend to continue to grow and expand our class offerings and bring even more value to you with our clinics. Spring clinics will continue to be centralized, and while we know this means more time and driving for some of you, we think it’s worth your investment. If you would like us to provide you with a ride there and back, just ask and we can make arrangements. We are in the process now of inviting speakers to be part of these clinics. If you have any requests, please let one of the CTS’s know and we will see what we can do.

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Operations Center Training

Would you like one-on-one Operations Center training to become more familiar with everything the programs are capable of doing? Operations Center provides you and your partners the ability to setup, plan, monitor and analyze farm data collaboratively. The tools included let you make informed decisions more quickly and to easily see where you’re making money - and where you’re not.

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