Other Equipment

Other Equipment

Protrakker Hitches

NOTHIN ELSE IS LIKE A PROTRAKKER Introducing ProTrakker, the next generation of MBW's proven hydraulic hitch. Like its successful predecessors, ProTrakker automatically adjusts to correctly steer pull­type implements on slopes, contour rows and variable soils-all in order to keep implements from swaying into crop rows and causing expensive, unsightly damage.

400 DX Protrakker hitch

MORE VERSATILE THAN ANY OTHER HITCH With ProTrakker, you're always in control of your implement and how it will react in certain situations. Depending on your model, either set to adjust automatically on sidehills or to follow the tractor. Now you can handle con­tours with the touch of a button, or align with your implement while hitching.

Features & Specifications

  • 400HP rating
  • Powerful dual cylinders offer up to 26" of swing movement of off-line correction (left to right travel)
  • Universal mounting on almost all tractors
  • Can be easily converted to work with 2-Point implement hitches, standard straight drawbars, or Clevis type (when converted to drawbar)
  • Mounts to the tractor 3-Point
  • Works with category 3 or 4N 2-point implement hitch
  • 10,000 lbs vertical load limit (tongue weight) Designed for easy installation and implement hook-up
  • 11/2" or 2" implement hitch pin (when converted to drawbar style)
  • Powder coat paint finish
  • Built to last - Low maintenance and easy service
  • Drawbar Dimension 2 1/4" x 4"
  • Shipping weight 1,200 lbs

Laforge® Guided Hitch 
Active Implement Guidance Planter Solution

Reliably place the seed where it needs to be.


  • Fits John Deere 1770NT, 1775NT, 1790, 1795
  • Integrates quickly and seamlessly into planter pivot
  • Replaces factory John Deere planter hitch
  • Use with John Deere Active Implement Guidance for sub-inch planting accuracy
  • Automatically steers planter to guidance line
  • Maintenance Free
  • Up to 20 inches of hitch movement


  • Reduce planting side-hill drift
  • Improve yield by reducing seedbed compaction
  • Optimize seed placement relative to nutrient application
  • Perfect end-rows and guess-rows
  • Prevent crop damage and improve efficiency in subsequent operations – spraying, side-dressing, and harvesting

AgSense Reporting

Better Information = Better Decisions

Application Information 
WagNet not only tells where you are and where you are going­powerful reporting tells you where you have been. Comprehensive and customizable historical reports are available under the Reports tab on your device page.

Putting Information To Work 
The As Applied maps display (acre/inches by angle or by field), total hours wet, total hours dry, pressure by angle, total run time and many other inputs can be charted, graphed or downloaded as an easy to read spreadsheet.

Produces Data For Agronomic Software 
These reports are available in aggregate form, showing your whole farm on one report. Your data can be exported into various third party agronomic software programs to be merged and analyzed with other information from the same field. Better information equals better decisions.

FieldNet by Lindsay

Have you heard your friends and neighbors talking about the convenience of FieldNet? With the power of FieldNet, Lindsay's own telemetry, you can monitor and control pivots all from the convenience of your smart phone, tablet, or home computer.

FieldNet Basic - Looking for a simple way to remotely monitor and stop your machines?

  • Monitor stop, forward, and reverse
  • Monitor precent cycle (speed)
  • Monior Power status
  • Field Shutdown alert

FiledNet Pro - Want to fully control any brand of pivot and control panel?

  • Monitor & control stop, forward & reverse Monitor & control percent cycle (speed)
  • Monitor & control depth
  • Monitor GPS position
  • Monitor power status
  • Monitor pivot & pump runtime
  • Monitor water pressure
  • Monitor multiple end guns
  • Field shutdown alert
  • Programmable irrigation plans
  • Programmable service stop
  • Programmable soft-barrier stops and auto-stop/auto-reverse

FieldNet Premier - Have a FieldVISION or FieldBOSS panel already?

Monitor stop, forward & reverse Monitor percent cycle (speed) Monitor depth Monitor GPS position Monitor power status Monitor incoming pivot voltage Monitor pivot & pump runtime Monitor water pressure Monitor multiple end guns Field shutdown alert Programmable irrigation plans Programmable service stop Programmable soft-barrier stops and auto-stop/auto-reverse

FieldNet Pivot Control Features

By retrofitting an existing system with Pivot Control, you gain the advantages of FieldNet* by Lindsay's web and mobile capabilities, including real-time alerts.

Full remote control of pivots, pumps and injectors, and monitoring sensors

GPS positioning for precision Irrigation

Compatible with almost any pivot

Basic variable rate Irrigation (VRI) with up to 360 sectors