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Unlock the full potential of your existing equipment with a Precision Upgrade Kit. Contact your local LandMark about John Deere Planter, Seeding, Tillage and Sprayer Precision Upgrade Kits! 

If you want to upgrade your performance or technology, but aren’t ready to invest in new John Deere equipment, a Precision Upgrade Kit from LandMark Implement may be for you. Improve your yield potential and profitability. During the Early Order Program, get the best discounts of the year on Precision Upgrade Kits. 

Update your current planter with Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce or MaxEmerge 5e Upgrade Kits with Electrical Drive Meters. Or, for industry-leading accuracy and performance, upgrade your planter to MaxEmerge 5e Row Unit Technology. When you purchase an upgrade kit from LandMark, you receive a complete row unit, unlike competitors where you solely receive a speed tube and meter. 

Add an ExactApply Precision Upgrade on eligible 4 series sprayers to spray even better.

Improve seed-to-soil contact, depth consistency, germination and get uniform emergence by upgrading to a ProSeries™ Opener.

Spend more time tilling and less time making manual adjustments when you add a TruSet™ Tillage technology Precision Upgrade to your field prep tools.

Ask about model compatibility and special finance options available! Act now - during the Early Order Program - to get the best deal on equipment for all your planting needs.

Planter Row Units and Planter Precision Upgrade Kits

Improve your seed placement, spacing and emergence by pairing your planter with the best row unit for your needs. With the introduction of ExactEmerge, MaxEmerge 5 and MaxEmerge 5e – along with new innovations such as Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce, Easy Adjust Row Cleaners and Pneumatic Closing System – you’re positioned like never before to substantially increase yield with your current planter. Extend your working days into the night with LED lighting kits which feature illumination across your entire John Deere planter toolbar. Other Precion Upgrade Kits include:

  • ExactRate Liquid Fertilizer System - get the most out of your yield potential when you apply  nitrogen during each planting pass with the ExactRate™ Liquid Fertilizer system.
  • FurrowVision - Verify the seed depth from the cab while saving time so you can continue running during planting season. 
  • Ultimate LED Lighting - work later into the night with LED lights that illuminate your entire planter toolbar and beyond.

Planter Performance Upgrade Kit Options

John Deere ExactEmerge

You don't have to choose between speed and accuracy. With speeds up to 10mph, the John Deere Exact Emerge planter marries precise seed placement and productivity.Exactemerge

What separates the ExactEmerge from other planters?

  • Seed Cartridge - delivers the seed to prevent seed rolling in trenches
  • Brush Belt - delivers seed into the trench on a dead drop, with no roll, at up to 10 miles per hour
  • Seed Sensor - population, singulation, and spacing information is all gathered at the sensor
  • Bowl-shaped Disk - singluates your seed with precision
  • Brush Styles Double Eliminator - ensures only one seed rests in each hole before the disk passes it over to the brush belt which allows for the highest possible singulation
  • The new Hopper design - get the most of your seed pool by maintaining target population at up to 15 degree slopes in any direction
  • Active Pneumatic Downforce is now standard on ExactEmerge Planters

Accurate at your speed - Whatever that may be - Go deep into the heart of the ExactEmerge technology and learn what makes it different from any other row unit.

MaxEmerge 5

John Deere has merged the best of MaxEmerge XP and Pro Series XP lines for the newest, most versatile row unit in the industry. max emerge close up

  • New Mini-Hopper Configuration - straight feed entry from the CCS hose into the hopper provides smooth, continuous seed flow
  • Redesigned Vacuum Air Source - pulls clean air from the tank to keep it clear of debris
  • Singulates a wide-variety of seed sizes and shapes for precise planting
  • MaxEmerge 5 can handle up to 14 degree slopes without seed population being effected
  • The new Double Eliminator achieves 99% singulation
  • The new dial indicator makes it easy to make adjustments for whichever seed you're planting
  • Granular insecticide feature to the mini-hopper - increase UPTIME with chemical application on every pass (now available on the 1.6 bushel hopper with ProShaft Drive)

MaxEmerge 5e - Electric Drive Row Unit

  • Row unit controller and the 56 volt drive motor provides curve compensation to improve population accuracy up to 20% and row command built-in without the need for individual clutches in every row
  • Compatibility for: Pneumatic Closing Wheel Controls, Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce, and Easy-Adjust Pneumatic Row Cleaners

55 Bu CCS Conversion Kit

          • Compatible with 1720 / 1725 stackfold planters
          • Compatible with Hydraulic VRD or Electric Drive
          • CAT4 Top Link conversion is included
          • Tank, Manifold and CCS will be Assembled
          • 12 and 16 row planters – 30” or 36”
          • Side platforms for mounting fertilizer systems, 
            air compressors, etc.
          • Requires converting row units to mini hoppers

Sprayer Precision Upgrade Kits

ExactApplyExactApply PUK

  • Make every drop count by adding an ExactApply™ Precision Upgrade Kit on eligible 4 Series Sprayers.

  • ExactApply retrofit-equipped sprayers offers the ability to switch between two pre-selected nozzles with the push of a button from inside the cab.

  • Take advantage of full variable-rate functionality at the nozzle level to ensure the correct amount of material is applied to the right area of the field, even when turning.

  • LED lighting on each nozzle for improved visibility of spray pattern in low-light and will greatly improve your visibility in dark conditions which includes downward-facing lights at the tips of the boom to provide easier navigation

  • Individual Nozzle Control Pro provides control down to the individual nozzle turret which improves accuracy of the application

  • Pressure Recirculation / Product Reclaim reduces crop damage by delivering a consistent solution at every nozzle cutting down on chemical expenses.

  • Individual nozzle control heavy-duty reduces overapplication. This add-on allows your sprayer to handle heavier chemical applications by using a dedicated, powered ball valve at each nozzle.

  • Ultimate seat top and active suspension seat provide leather seats featuring ActiveSeat II suspension with massage, heating and cooling capabilities.

  • Available for existing 4-Series Sprayers
  • Full variable-rate functionality at the nozzle level to ensure the correct amount of material is applied to the right area of the field, even when turning.

Sprayer LED KitsSprayer with LED PUK

Light up the night with LED lighting packages. The vehicle and cab lighting package will help improve visibility in dark conditions, while downward-facing lights at the boom tips provide easier navigation around obstacles.

Tillage Precision Upgrade Kits

TruSet Tillage Technology

  • Make on-the-go depth and down-pressure adjustments from the cab – in only six seconds with TruSet Tillage Technology
  • Fine-tune your implement with 1/10th of an inch adjustments by the touch of a button.
  • TruSet system helps you run variable-depth tillage prescriptions to incorporate residue at different levels or change your tillage depth for different conditions such as lighter soils or areas of known compaction.

ProSeries™ Opener Precision Upgrade

  • Improve seed-to-soil contact, depth consistency, germination and uniform emergence withPro Series Opener Performance Upgrade Kit ProSeries™ Opener
  • Go from good to great with the ProSeries™ Opener Precision Upgrades from LandMark Implement.
  • Upgrade your 90 Series Opener with six state-of-the-art parts to improve seed-to-soil contact, depth consistency, germination and uniform emergence.

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