Combine Calibration: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Harvest Technology!

posted on Monday, September 18, 2023 in News/Blog

Gain maximum efficiency and accurate yield information with these three calibration methods for your John Deere combine.

1. Multiple Point Calibration: The pinnacle of accuracy! Gather 4+ load samples and determine their actual weight using truck scale tickets or a grain cart scale. Select samples that best represent your harvesting style and crop conditions. Your combine will then adjust its calibration based on these updated numbers, ensuring precise yield collection. This is the best calibration if you want to fully utilize your yield data. Watch a step-by-step video on calibrating your S600 or S700 Series combine here.

2. Active Yield: Real-time adjustments for on-the-go accuracy! While this method utilizes load cells inside the grain tank to make continuous adjustments, it still requires some calibration  tuning to ensure accuracy. Yield monitor and load cells work in tandem to maintain precise yield monitoring on your display. Keep in mind, the yield map may show these calibration changes as strips or color blocking that is not a true representation of the yield fluctuations in the field. Overall, the Active Yield Calibration provides an easy field total yield. This method is not recommended if you intend to fully use your yield data. Click here for a video on S700 Series Active Yield Calibrations with Gen 4.

3. Post Calibration: Accuracy even after harvest! Utilize Operations Center Web or Mobile to perform a post-harvest calibration. This method pairs well with multiple-point calibration or no calibration at all. Enter accurate dry or wet weights for each field using scale tickets. Once saved, the yield maps in Operations Center will regenerate, reflecting the precise yield weights.

For the best calibration suited to your farm, reach out to your local LandMark Implement Sales Rep or Precision Ag Specialist. They have the expertise to ensure your combine operates at its peak performance.

3 Ways to Calibrate Tip Sheet