Operations Center Updates

posted on Monday, April 24, 2023 in News/Blog

Operations Center Updates

Operations Center is always evolving to include new features. To keep you up to date as we start Plant 2023, here’s some new things to be aware of in Operations Center as well as some reminders. 

New Features

Ops Center Graphic

Data Sync

Data Sync is a new feature in Operations Center that will sync all your Generation 4 displays with your Operations Center account in near real time. As data in Operations Center is created, modified, or removed, it will do the same for your display. This will eliminate the time needed to create a setup file and transfer it to a machine. Once you enable Data Sync for your display it shares Client/Farm/Fields, Boundaries, Guidance Tracks (straight, curve, circle), products, tank mixes, flags, and operators simultaneously between Operations Center and all enabled displays. To get started with Data Sync, contact your local LandMark Precision Ag Specialist. 

Automation 4.0

Experience the enhanced productivity and performance on your farm. Automation 4.0unlocks a suite of features including, AutoTrac™ Turn Automation, AutoPath™, AutoTrac™ Implement Guidance, and Machine Sync, all features that saves you time and input costs while making them more productive in the field. 


  • AutoPath
  • AutoTrac Turn Automation
  • AutoTrac Implement Guidance
  • Machine Sync
  • Plus, everything from the Premium 3.0 Activation

   When you use AutoPath to record guidance lines at planting, it will automatically generate full-field guidance lines for secondary passes to use later for application and harvest. It also helps reduce crop run-over and knows exactly which rows to start on regardless of equipment width. 

   AutoTrac Turn Automation will automate your headland turns, by raising/lowering your implement, and adjusting the tractor speed to make field work nearly hands free.   

   AutoTrac Implement Guidance will keep your planter exactly on your guidance line even on sidehills and around curves using a second StarFire receiver mounted on the planter.

   With Machine Sync, automate your combine for unloading on-the-go and take over the steering and speed control of the grain cart. 

To get setup with the Automation 4.0 activation, contact your local LandMark Precision Ag Specialist. 

Work Planner Setup

Work Planner SetupWork Planner

Want to pull into your field and have your prescriptions and rates ready to go without clicking any buttons? If so, try using Work Planner. Work Planner is like a setup file, but you create one for each field to have the exact data ready to go when you pull into the boundary. Work Planner is compatible with machines that have a Generation 4 Display and 4G MTG. When creating a work plan you can set rates, tag prescriptions to fields, say which guidance lines you will be using and more. If you are interested in using Work Planner watch the video below or contact your local LandMark Precision Ag Specialist for more information. 

Variety Locators

Want to know what each variety in your field yielded without lifting a finger? Try out Operations Center variety locator function. At planting when you document which varieties are being planted in each part of the field, you can use these maps later at harvest for the combine to automatically detect and document the variety being harvested. This process starts at planting in the display. Each time you change the variety you load in your planter make sure you change it in your display too. As you plant the display will paint a variety map for the combine to use later.  

Variety locator is also great for keeping track of field trials. Want to test out how a new fertilizer will affect your yield for the year? When planting, put your variety names in the display like the example shown here: 

Then when you go to plant, select “Trials A” & “Trial B” to the respective parts of the field where the fertilizer was applied. Then at harvest we can use the map to tell if there was a yield difference between the two fertilizers. This process can be used for any chemical, variety, or tank mix. The hardest part is just remembering to switch it on the screen! If you have any questions about this process, contact your local LandMark Precision Ag Specialist. 

Setup File Creationsetup File

Create a Setup File to get all your documentation information from Operations Center to your display for planting. This file will bring together your Clients, Farms, Fields, Boundaries, Guidance or AutoPath Lines, Equipment, Implements, Products (chemicals, varieties, etc.), and Operators and create a pre-made list to choose from in the field. This setup file will work on any display type. If you need a refresher on how to create a setup file, click the link below to watch.

Ops Center

Operations Center

For planting, the mobile app can be a great tool for when you don’t have time to make it to the computer. From the app you can create and edit planned work in Work Planner, look at machine metrics, monitor job performance, see the estimated time remaining for your current field, and so much more. Head to the app store and type in “Operations Center” and look for the icon shown to the right to download: 

Ask for FREE one-on-one training from your local LandMark Precision Ag Specialist or sign up below. Please bring anyone that you work with to help you manage your data and your farm, as well as your laptop, tablet, or smart phone for interactive training. 

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For more information, questions, or training on Operations Center contact our Precision Data Specialists Morgan Dittmer or Holly Holthaus by phone at 1-855-435-7267 (opt. 2 – Operations Center & Data Management) or E-mail to opscenter@landmarkimp.com