360 Yield Center Demo Heads

posted on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 in News/Blog

360 Yield Center Demo Heads

360 Yield Saver & Chainroll Demo Heads Available!

This year LandMark Implement has 360 Yield Center harvest products installed on some of the 2019 John Deere Demo Combine heads to allow your farming operation to test out 360 Yield Savers and 360 Chainrolls. There are 8, 12 or 16 row heads available.


  • Reduce Header loss by 85%
  • Can generate more than 75% ROI after 3 years
  • Reduce loss by cushioning the ear's impact and capturing kernels
  • YIELD SAVER can pay for itself within the first season
  • Fits 40/90/600/700 Series John Deere heads plus CIH, New Holland, Drago, AGCO, and Geringhoff


  • Fast residue breakdown boots nutrient availability for next year
  • Creates "chains" of 7" stalks for rapid breakdown
  • Ideal for row cleaners to remove residue from seed trench
  • Tests show a 2.5-bushel yield bump from better ear count & even germination compared to confetti-stye chopping stalk rolls

LandMark Implement has the largest 360 Yield Center inventory West of the Mississippi! FREE FREIGHT on any order that we have in inventory. 

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