See & Spray Premium Precision Upgrade Kit

Update your sprayer with a See and Spray Premium Performance Upgrade Kit from LandMark Implement

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See & Spray Premium Precision Upgrade Kit

See & Spray Premium Precision Upgrade Kit

    Targeted, in-crop spraying you can add to your John Deere sprayer

    John Deere has taken the advanced camera detection and artificial intelligence systems from the See & Spray platform and put it into a Precision Upgrade for select Model Year 18 and newer 400 and 600 Series Sprayers, as well as R-Series models. Now, you can get targeted, in-season weed control to:

    • Save on non-residual herbicide use
    • Reduce water usage and tender stops
    • Reduce crop stress and improve yields
    • Select targeted or broadcast applications

    Less herbicide cost. More profitability.

    See & Spray Premium is a Precision Upgrade that can revolutionize how you use your current sprayer. It can help you precisely manage weeds to:

    • Increase yields
    • Improve cost efficiencies
    • Create more profitability

    See & Spray Premium sees, targets, and kills in-season weeds using advanced cameras and machine learning that distinguishes crops from weeds and selectively target sprays only the weeds. Shown to reduce non-residual herbicide use similar to other See & Spray technologies, See & Spray Premium also delivers a hit-rate comparable to traditional broadcast spraying all at operating speeds up to 12 mph. That means less herbicide, less costs, and less impact to your crops and your land.