A Response To Our Customers Concerning COVID-19

posted on Monday, June 8, 2020 in News/Blog

Starting immediately, we are excited to announce that we have taken the following steps to reopen our stores to the public following the direction of public health officials. 

Reopen Showrooms to Public: We have our showrooms reopen but with limitations. Customers will be prohibited from entering sales, CTS and service offices as well as our service shops. Instead, all sales paperwork will be done electronically or in open areas located inside our showrooms.  When entering our showrooms, please follow our designated circles and arrows on showroom floors for the health and safety of you and our employees. Tables with extended monitors have been placed 6 feet out in front of our Parts counters; this allows for viewing of parts catalog and other parts resources as needed.

Face Masks & Customer Interactions: All LandMark team members have been provided face masks to wear and highly encouraged to wear while in contact with customers if social distancing of at least 6 feet is not possible.

Continued Social Distancing & Cleaning: All staff and customers are expected to do their best to stay a minimum of 6 feet apart from each other. We are also continuing our increased cleaning frequency at regular intervals to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

All Landmark employees are still 100% on staff, readily available and working diligently to help you when you need us. We may be working in a nontraditional manner, but are committed to serving you, the producers, and doing our part in social distancing. While we are safely opening our stores, these methods of support are still available: 

Thank you for your patience during this ever-changing environment and as always, thank you for your loyalty to LandMark!


LandMark Implement