Virtual Operations Center Clinics

Learn about the latest information and capabilities offered by John Deere's Operations Center by attending a virtual personalized training from LandMark Implement. Enter your information below and we'll reach out to you with the online log in to the virtual clinic.

We'll cover: 

  • How Operations Center replaces APEX and works with other types of farm management software 
  • Manage fields, equipment, boundaries, guidance lines, products, and more 
  • Create guidance lines and field boundaries 
  • Create and send machine setup files 
  • Account setup 
  • How to upload your data into Ops Center 
  • Print off reports and maps for year-end records 
  • Write prescriptions 
  • Seamlessly share data with those inside and outside of your operation 
  • All new features that have been added to Operations Center 
  • Plus, learn the benefits of John Deere’s My Operations and JDLink Mobile and how they can help you manage your farm

Using Operations Center is FREE and the training is FREE!

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Virtual Operations Center Clinic