QuickDraw Request for Information

Less Time Loading Means More Acres Sprayed. 

QuickDraw Max - QuickDraw Max 3000 is a fully automated spray tender system. Start by creating a recipe – the applied application rates/acre for each chemical in the batch. Recipes are saved and used every time you load that mix of chemicals. 

QuickDraw Lite - QuickDraw Lite provides mass flow or oval gear meter measurement of chemicals with refined features and operation. QuickDraw Lite is a manual or semi-automated spray tender system. 

  • Maximize Acres Sprayed - QuickDraw Max 3000 keeps your sprayer spraying not sitting at the edge of the field. The 3rd generation is loaded with new features to make mixing and loading your sprayer easier, faster, and safer! 
  • Repeatable Batching - Create recipes through the integrated touch screen display. Recipes are saved in the controller, making batches easily repeatable. 
  • Accurately Measure - Eliminates math and calculation errors when mixing. Enter acres or total gallons, sprayer application rate and chemical rate per acre. QuickDraw calculates the amount of each chemical in the batch, including manually added chemicals. 
  • Convenient App - iPad app communicates with QuickDraw over Wi-Fi. Create and modify recipes and access historical records 

Early Order Dates Extended! Prices valid through November 13, 2023.

  • Save $4,000 on a new SureFire QuickDraw Max
  • Save $3,000 on a new SureFire QuickDraw Lite Mass Meter
  • Save $2,000 on a new SureFire QuickDraw Lite Gear Meter
  • 180 Days No Payments / No Interest through John Deere Financial with approved credit. On SurePoint purchases through July 31, 2024. Plan #2739 and DBC728.

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