360 Yield Center Nitrogen Management Solutions

Your yields matter to us which is why we offer 360 Yield Center products at all LandMark Implement locations. 360 Yield Center has developed products which help increase your operations profit with more efficient nitrogen application methods. These products offer effective and efficient ways to reduce risk and increase both bushels and profit. Contact your local LandMark CTS for more information as well as special rebates and financing on these products.

Take Advantage of the Best Time to Buy with LandMark Rebates, Discounts & Finance Offers!

  • 150 Days No Payments/No Interest through JD Financial through October 31, 2019 ($1,000 minimum purchase)
  • 0% for 12 months or 1.9% for 24-48 months through Falcon Financing with approved credit through May 17, 2019
  • Free Freight on All Products through February 28, 2019
  • Y-Drop System (60' or greater) $1500 Rebate through January 4, 2019 and $750 Rebate January 5 - May 17, 2019
  • 360 Undercover System (60' or greater) or 360 Y-Drop Sidedress (11 units or greater) $500 Rebate through May 17, 2019
  • 360 Yield Savers $50 Per Row December 1 - June 14, 2019

360 Yield Saver Chains360yieldsaverchains

  • Available for JD 700, 600, 90, and 40 Series heads and other brands
  • Saves on head loss
  • Provides cushion for ears
  • Reduce header loss by over 80%

Chainrolls360 Chain Rolls

  • Replacement for OEM rolls
  • Chains residue together while still allowing breakdown
  • Available for JD 700, 600 90 and 40 Series heads
  • Improves stands for the following spring
  • Releases nutrients from the reside quicker

Bandit360 Bandit

  • Works in all soil conditions – rocks, muck, sand, not-till and cover crops
  • Consistently puts nutrients three inches on each side of the plant and below the soil surface
  • Doesn’t affect seed placement, depth or furrow closing

Sprint360 Sprint

  • Allows your John Deere Gator to refill a planter with liquid nitrogen fertilizer on the go
  • Farmers will see 30% more productivity out of planters by not stopping every 20-30 acres to refill
  • Enables lighter loads reducing center weight compaction

Soilscan360 Soil Scan

  • Real time nitrogen values
  • Optimum application values
  • Soil organic matter

Guide360 Guide

  • Maintains ideal middle-of-the-row position 
  • Takes the GPS position provided by the receiver, adjusts it and sends a correct position back to the steering controller

Ydrop360 Y-Drop Side Dress or Sprayer Application

  • Precise placement for optimum usage by plant
  • Faster usage by plant
  • Available for most bars and sprayers
  • Spread out applications for less loss of product availability

Tanks360 Tanks

  • 700-gallon capacity tanks keep the weight distribution similar to the original tractor setup
  • Capacity and balance for in-field productivity
  • Follows contour for improved side visibility
  • Tanks do not add to transport width

Bullet360 Bullet

  • Available for any 1.25” shanks
  • Increase soil fracturing
  • No under surface mounding

Undercover360 Undercover Nozzles

  • Under canopy fungicide application
  • Better coverage than aerial application
  • Combine with Y-drop
  • Multiple application in same pass

Glide360 Glide System

  • Mechanical sensor rod automatically maintains ideal position of the Y-Drop base to deliver nitrogen directly onto the base of the plant
  • Plugs into existing control systems with no additional monitors needed

Equiflow360 Equiflow

  • Precise row consistency
  • Wider application window
  • Better NH3 application control

Contact your local LandMark CTS with any questions or for more information on 360 Yield Center products!