Orthman 1 tRIPr at LandMark

posted on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 in Sales Specials

The Orthman 1 tRIPr Precision Tillage System

1 tRIPr Precision Tillage System

The 1 tRIPr System combines the benefits of tillage with the stewardship and cost reduction of no-till.

  • Till only 1/3 of the soil, leaving 2/3 undisturbed
  • Place nutrients precisely, in the root zone at adjustable depths
  • Alleviate compaction to increase infiltration and reduce runoff
  • Eliminating compaction promotes maximum root development
  • Soil warms quicker and provides a consistent planter ride
  • Use in the fall or spring based on your conditions

For High Capacity farming, try the 1 tRIPr XD!

  • Large frame drawn design with high capacity for liquid and dry fertilizer
  • Narrow transport models available
  • Rear nurse tank hitch optional
  • 6 to 18 row configurations

Talk with your local LandMark Sales department today to learn which Orthman 1 tRIPr options can best suit your operation's needs!