Power Line Safety This Harvest

posted on Wednesday, September 2, 2020 in News/Blog

Look Up & Look Out NPPD wrapped Combine

Look Up & Look Out This Harvest Season

We know that harvest is a very busy and stressful time for many people, but one thing that should never be overlooked is safety. The Nebraska Public Power District is conducting a series of 'Look Up & Look Out' events across the state this September to help educate the public on safety when it comes to power lines. Today's farm machinery is bigger, taller, and more automated, making the danger of working around power lines greater than ever.

LandMark Implement has partnered with NPPD to wrap a combine to get people's attention and remind everyone to make safety a top priority this harvest season.

Nebraska Public Power District's tips for staying safe around power lines are to:

  • Stay at least 20 feet away from overhead power lines
    • A good rule of thumb is keeping a 20-foot circle (or three tractor lengths) of safety between you, your equipment and the power line.
  • Locate all overhead power lines around the farm
    • Avoid the risk of electrocution by planning and choosing a route for your equipment that avoids any potential contact.
  • Do stay in place and call 911 when contacting a power line
    • However-in the case of smoke or fire, exit the equipment by making a solid jump away from the cab. Do not touch the equipment, and shuffle away to safety.
  • Don't fold or unfold equipment near a power line
    • Make sure all power lines are far enough away from your equipment to safely clear.
  • Don't attempt to move or drive over a downed power line
    • Contact your local electric company immediately if you see a downed power line. Treat all power lines as energized until confirmed otherwise by the electric company on the scene.
  • Don't attempt to rescue a person who made contact with a power line
    • The immediate area around the equipment can be energized and you could become a victim yourself. Stay at least 20 feet away and call 911 immediately.

To learn more, please contact NPPD or your local power district.

Look Up & Look Out Combine