Orthman Cultivators

posted on Friday, May 1, 2020 in News/Blog

Orthman Cultivator

Orthman cultivators cut through the toughest high-residue conditions — fast

Orthman cultivators are built to handle tough high-residue conditions common in strip-till and no-till applications. The wrench-free depth adjustment lets you adapt to several different field conditions, and nutrient placement side-dressing options for liquid or NH3 fertilizers allow for dual operations in a single pass. Advanced features such as precision sweeps kill weeds while keeping residue cover intact. And, you can order an Orthman cultivator just the way you like it, with multiple sweep, blade and ridging wing options - just talk to your LandMark salesman today!

With an Orthman Cultivator you get:

  • Absolute Weed Control

  • Fertilizer and Fungicide application

  • Soil aeration for quick microbial release

  • Ridging Wing tooling for flood irrigation

Orthman Cultivators, 8375, 8450, 8315, 9300

9300 - Orthman’s top-of-the-line cultivator does it all and does it right

8315 - Heavy-duty strength in a compact cultivator

8450 - Strong and cost-effective cultivation

8375 - The industry’s most versatile tool

See your local LandMark Implement location today for more information on finding an Orthman Cultivator that fits your farming and agronomic practices. Make your last pass count!