360 Bandits

posted on Thursday, April 11, 2019 in News/Blog

Get More Efficient Nitrogen Uptake and Perfect Placement with the 360 Bandit at LandMark Implement

We understand that managing nitrogen cost is a critical factor to achieving a profitable production year which is why we look to present our growers with simple, cost-effective tools to help you capture the value that comes from on-planter nitrogen application.bandit

The key to maximum efficiency is putting nitrogen on where and when the seed needs during emergence and early plant growth. The 360 Bandit from 360 Yield Center streams bands of liquid nitrogen on both sides of the seed, three inches away from the seed for precise placement and early root uptake and interception. 

The 360 Bandit helps you get the most from each pound of nitrogen by placing nitrogen 3/4" below the soil service which reduces the volatilization and rapid movement down into the root zone of the plant. Moisture moves the nitrogen into the root zone and dilutes the solution to prevent root burn.

Placement With No Impact On Depth Or Closing

The Bandit mounts to the closing system where it uses row unit and closing wheel pressure to maintain depth without interfering with gauge wheels or depth settings. Unlike systems mounted behind the closing wheels, there's no impact on closing the trench over the seed. The 360 Bandit ensures precise placement with a spring-loaded poly tube following a slot created by a mini-coulter.

The shallow 3/4" placement eliminates the need for excessive weight or downforce which eliminates risk of interference with the closing system or the row unit's gauge wheel and downforce system.

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A very limited number of Bandits are still available at LandMark for the 2019 Planting season. Contact your local LandMark CTS for more information today!