Upgrade Your Planter Technology

posted on Thursday, October 29, 2020 in Precision AG Specials

LandMark Performance Upgrade Kits

Upgrade to the Latest Technology and Performance

If you want to upgrade your performance or technology, but aren't ready to invest in new John Deere equipment, a Performance Upgrade Kit form LandMark Implement may be for you. Get the latest in John Deere technology and performance. LandMark is offering a discount of 0% for 5 years PLUS no payments for up to 18 months on new orders* or 10% off new orders through January 14, 2021.

MaxEmerge 5, MaxEmerge 53, ExactEmerge

Improve your seed placement, spacing and emergence by pairing your planter with the best row unit for your needs. Substantially increase yield by choosing your upgrade kit:

  • ExactEmerge
  • MaxEmerge 5
  • MaxEmerge 5e

Additional add-ons include:

  • Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce
  • Easy Adjust Row Cleaners
  • Pneumatic Closing System

When you purchase a performance upgrade kit from LandMark, you receive a complete factory assembled row unit, unlike competitors where you solely receive a seed tube meter.
Row Units include:

  • Industry-exclusive brush belt delivery system
  • High-performance vacuum meter
  • Brush-style doubles eliminator
  • Dual electric motors

Ask your local LandMark Customer Technology Specialist for more information today!

*With approved credit.