Precision Agriculture-ENABLED!

Precision Ag and the ability to monitor or control machines from a smart phone or tablet continues to grow every day. LandMark Implement has found that everyone has a different comfort level with these products and has worked to provide the right level of service and support to each individual, while offering products that fill those needs and allow everyone to continue to grow as their comfort levels increase, with the intent of making you more efficient and profitable. 

Our team of Technology Specialists has developed a comprehensive list of service packages that can be pre-purchased to allow us the ability to be proactive in making sure we have the capability to support those that need the support, plus allowing you to know what the cost will be to get the support to control your ex­penses. 

LandMark has also found that data is becoming an increasingly important part of the equation which makes your farm profitable and if used properly will help you make decisions on where to place inputs in order to achieve the greatest returns. We want to be part of the solution to help you do this. We can tailor the solu­tion to fit your needs and work with someone who is already your trusted advisor. We can help ensure the data which goes to your advisor is "good" data or use our expertise to help make the decisions and build the prescriptions for the inputs. John Deere has released which will help you tie all of this data together in one place which you can access from anywhere and enables you to share with your trusted advi­sors easily! 

Besides our line of GreenStar products from John Deere, LandMark also offers other types of Precision Farm­ing equipment such as Deere's Field Connect system to help you better manage your irrigation. Plus AgSense or Lindsay's Field Net system to connect your smart phone or tablet to control your pivot and pumps or to connect your weather data. 

Please contact one of our Technology Specialists to learn more about how LandMark can assist you in taking the next step into Precision Farming or becoming more comfortable with the equipment you already own. 

LandMark Customer Clinics

Why we do clinics: LandMark Implement offers an expansive clinic/product training for our customers to have a preseason refresher course on their equipment and technology. Our intention is to give you the greatest opportunity to get the highest level of machine optimization when you go to the field. Clinics in 2017 will be enhanced based on our customers’ requests and feedback. Our clinics will be focused on learning through different rotations allowing you to pick and choose the rotations you want to participate in. We’re including more AMS focused training in these rotations to keep you up to date and familiar with the technology as it changes. As well, we will offer a meal and social gathering after the training. We’re also making our clinics more accessible to you by making them available at a number of different LandMark locations. If overnight travel is needed we will also provide the option for accommodations. We look forward to seeing you at our next clinic!

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APEX & My JD/Operations Center Training

Would you like to have detailed APEX, MyJohnDeere, or Operations Center training to become more familiar with everything the programs are capable of doing? We now offer small group training sessions regionally based on demand. Please email for more information.

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