Parts Specials

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You've invested in top-of-the-line equipment. At LandMark Implement, we want to make sure you get the best deals, which is why we've provided these parts and service specials on John Deere and lawn care equipment. Click the links below to see specials.

Offer available now thru 8/15/19


Maximize the life of your row unit by up to 50% with RowMax, a retrofit solution from John Deere. Designed for 600C/FC cornheads (MY12 and newer), RowMax chain kit features an advanced gathering chain offering 12 additional links, two more sprocket teeth, and upgraded alloy bushings. Also get your choice of stalk rolls: straight fluted, opposed knife, intermeshing knife or the new chopping stalk roll — all offering 25% more life thanks to an improved wear coating.

Grain Tank Mirror Kits $25 Off


Better your days in the field with two handy combine attachments from John Deere. Add comfort on the inside – and convenience on the outside – with foot pegs and grain tank mirror kits. And now through August 15, you can add both attachments to your combine for a whole lot less. Ask us about this deal today.

Save hundreds of dollars now thru 8/15/19.


Put time-consuming manual calibrations behind you with ActiveYield, an advanced retrofit solution for your John Deere S-Series combine (MY12+). ActiveYield senses the weight of the grain in the tank as it fills to continually calibrate the yield system to provide you with more accurate data.

Take 10% Off Augers & Elevator Chains


Help reduce the likelihood of grain damage — and pocket the savings — with new augers and elevator chains for your John Deere combine. Now through August 15, you can save 10% on these pivotal parts, which can lead to better combine performance over the long haul. Savings apply to John Deere OEM augers and elevator chains. Ask us today about this limited-time offer.

Now through October 15, 2019, you can save 15% on these durable sweeps.


Offering exceptional soil penetration and mixing, John Deere’s conventional tillage sweeps for chisel plows are a wise choice for your operation. And now through October 15, 2019, you can save 15% on these durable sweeps.

This Green Box is your onsite Round Baler Wear Parts Box.


Don’t let a lack of round baler wear parts ever stop you from haying. This Box can help. You’ll have many of the most common round baler wear parts you need for basic maintenance and repairs right at hand, onsite. Plus, you’ll get an 8%* discount as you restock the parts through October 28, 2019. The Green Box has many uses. Make hay with this Green Box without worrying about the little things.

10% off the total purchase of select attachments

John Deere will be offering 10% off the total purchase of select attachments for Round Balers, 10% off the total purchase of Rotary Cutter Blades (maximum discount of $50) and 20% off the total purchase of $800 or more in Rotary Cutter Blades (maximum discount of $400).

15% Off Tractor AC Parts for 6 and 7 Series Tractors

As we get ready to head into the summer months, it’s time to make sure your customers Air Conditioning systems are working at their best. We are offering 15% off the purchase of AC parts for 6 and 7 series tractors! 


Not everybody realizes it, but it takes a special breed of oil to keep engines running in off-road conditions. It takes John Deere Plus-50TM II Engine Oil. That’s because Plus-50TM II Oil has been specially formulated to keep engines running smoothly and efficiently in extreme off-road conditions since its beginning. Trucks. UVs. Tractors. Pickups. Off road? No problem. On the highway? Easy street. Let John Deere Plus-50TM II Oil be the one oil on your farm. Stop by your local LandMark location and talk to us today.