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Precision Platform

Make Every Acre Count

For growers across Nebraska and Kansas, LandMark Implement provides innovative Farm Management Software (FMS) solutions to maximize the potential of every acre on your farm. In short, the FMS Platform is an enterprise level from management system that incorporates farm planning, inventory management, agronomic insights, equipment optimization and financials in one solution.

Benchmarking - This opt in service allows you to quickly and easily analyze the performance of different seed varieties by soil type. New yield performance of irrigated versus non-irrigated fields and compare results across your farm or the local community.

Equipment Integration - Our FMS fully integrates with your in-field equipment. Send setup files, AB guidance lines, field flags and variable rate prescription to your equipment wirelessly or via manual upload.

Pixel Profit - Exclusively at LandMark, Pixel Profit calculates critical profit and loss management zones on every acre. See precisely which regions of the field are performing and address profit limiting factors.

Pixel Profit

Your All-In-One Platform

  • Support for all John Deere formats
  • Premiere Benchmarking Tools
  • NDVI Imagery and VRX Prescriptions
  • Powerful Financial Analysis

Cole Lorenzen | Gothenburg & Arapahoe CTS

Email: colelorenzen@landmarkimp.com
Phone: 308-529-7318

Morgan Findley | Beatrice CTS

Email: morganfindley@landmarkimp.com
Phone: 402-239-3298