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Butler Grain Bin - Stock #165025

36’ X 6 Rings at 44” 

22’ from floor to roof line

Floor with stands

Fan transition

Location: Kearney, NE


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Contact Us410 10 Tower Zimmatic 1300’ long

2013-2014 Valley Precision Corner Arm - Stock #164001

205' span with 86' overhang. 

18.4 x 26" tires. 

Nelson Rotators on drops,

SR100 end gun...

Location: Shelton


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410 10 Tower Zimmatic 1300’ long

Mid to late 1970’s   

11x24.5 wheel assemblies

Senninger I-Wobs with regulators on drops

SR100 Nelson end gun with booster pump

Location: Kearney, NE


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