Sprayer Package $375

Make sure your John Deere sprayer is ready to go for another demanding season with our sprayer start-up package. With this package, our team will insure that your AMS components are properly set up and tested, all software updates are installed, and sprayer GreenStar settings are correctly entered. They will also complete sprayer calibrations, set section control settings, test sprayer operation and functionality, test the solution system for leaks and make sure your sprayer is field ready.

Combine Package $275

Ensure maximum productivity and uptime this harvest by signing up for our start-up combine package. With this package, your local Customer Technology Specialist will setup a variety of combine and AMS functions to ensure that your harvest goes smoothly. We will run through all of the necessary combine calibrations, software updates, display set­up, variety locator, along with all of the other items that are applicable to your machine on the list. Also, we will leave a yield calibration walkthrough in the cab for future reference throughout the harvest season.

My John Deere Operations Center Start-Up Package $299

This package includes an Overview of MyJohnDeere.com and quick links, Validating the customer account, How to get data to the Operations Center, Set up organizations (staff/partners), How to utilize Machines, Fields, Jobs, and Products tabs, Adding products to the Operation Center Creating/editing of boundaries, Navigations of Field Analyzer icon and Novigation of the My Files tab.

AMS Package $195

The LandMark AMS start-up package is designed to help our customers be prepared for the season with their AMS guidance and documentation, as well as have a basic machine understanding and be fully trained for upcoming seasons with limited downtime. (All work to be done in-field with customer present.)

Rate Controller/Application Package $225

The LandMark rate controller/application package is designed to ensure the customer's rate controller is installed correctly and will function properly. Supporting this package will make sure your rate controller/ applicator is ready for the field when you are, including section control.

Gen 4 - 4640 Universal Display Start-Up Package $395

The 4640 display is the latest display that John Deere has added to their product line. This display will come with new features and likely challenges that we can help you get started off on the right foot with this Start-Up Package. We will spend time with you to ensure that you understand the proper operation, the new features as well as make sure you are setup with all the right subscriptions. We will also work to ensure that the equipment compatibility issues are resolved with the correct software and machine configurations are performed. This package will ensure you get the best experience possible with your new display hardware.